What can brick and mortar stores can do?

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November 10, 2017
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What can brick and mortar stores can do?

Physical stores can provide helpful information online to drive consumers to stores. Be sure to feature product availability, store location and hours and your phone number in ads. Plus, use local inventory ads to let shoppers know that the product they’re searching for is in stock nearby at your store. Also, be sure that, consumers can check out other items you have available.


Search results only send consumers to ecommerce sites.


Search results are a powerful way to drive consumers to stores. Providing local information, such as item availability at a nearby store or local store hours, fills in information gaps that are keeping consumers away from stores.


Once in-store consumers begin looking at their smartphone, the store has lost their attention.



Stores can grab consumers’ attention through search results and a retailer’s mobile site or app.



Optimize your search engine results and mobile website or app. Consumers are looking up information in stores—and many are accessing search engines and the website or app for the retailer whose store they are in. Stores should optimize their online presence, including search results, website, app, and mobile ads to engage consumers while they’re in stores.



Online research has limited what consumers expect from stores; they really just go to stores to transact.



Consumers still visit stores for more than just transactions, but they now expect more out of any place they shop. They want informed, customized experiences.



Brick and mortar stores can and should create “smarter” store experiences.


Customized offers and recommendations can be delivered right to consumers as they search on their phone, or be integrated into the in-store experience.


Online information and smartphones have changed consumer behavior. Consumers want information throughout the shopping process, they seek it out online even while in a store, and they expect more from retailers who want to win their business. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


Savvy retailers will take steps to satisfy consumers’ desire for smarter experiences:


Provide location and stock availability information online Consumers are more likely to visit for which they find information on things like product availability and store location online. By providing this local information in advance, stores can increase business and improve customer satisfaction.


Optimize your search engine results and website or app When consumers use their smartphones in-store, they’re probably looking at search engine results or the retailer’s own website/app. Take advantage of this by ensuring that you feature relevant information in search results (for example, location of nearby store with item in stock), have a mobile optimized site and app and have mobile ads to engage consumers.


Create “smarter” customized shopping experiences Consumer expectations have gone up; today’s shoppers prefer stores that offer personalized experiences. Smart retailers will take advantage of their online presence and in-store experience to deliver coupons and recommendations that are customized to shoppers.


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