5 Reasons Your Company Needs To Be On Yelp

Grоw уоur business with Yеlр!
June 23, 2017
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5 Reasons Your Company Needs To Be On Yelp


We’ve heard countless small businesses ask the same question: “Should we care about Yelp?”…In this article, we’re going to begin by telling you the answer. YES! Yelp does matter for your company. Next, we’re going to discuss five reasons why you should care about your business on Yelp.

  1. Credibility

Yelp offers another way for you to build your credibility as a business. We recommend that you complete your profile with images, contact information, and a thorough description about your products and services.

  1. SEO

As strange as it sounds, having a Yelp profile can help boost your company’s local search engine rankings. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and the more visible your company is across various platforms, the better it will likely perform in rankings.

  1. Verifying

As it turns out, Google will attempt to verify your company across a multitude of directories – including Yelp. This will help your business show up in local business listings, as well as Google Maps.

  1. Reputation

Online reputation is significant for small businesses today. When you’re on Yelp, and you are tending to your Yelp account, then you are investing in your company’s online reputation. Sites like Apple maps and others use Yelp as a source of reviews for their sites.

  1. Interaction

Yelp is critical because it gives you another outlet to get in touch with your target audience. People can ask questions and leave reviews, and you get the opportunity to respond. This can lead to new and repeat customers!

Yelp is a great way to gain new leads, and let’s face it – every lead counts. When you’re cultivating your Yelp presence, you’re creating an online venue that automatically generates new leads. People can find your business and learn all about it, and they can contact you on-page or through your contact information. Yelp truly does matter for small business!

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